• Moviment Graffitti Malta. | Our Mission
  • Moviment Graffitti Malta. | Our Mission

Our Mission

Moviment Graffitti is active against the oppression and exploitation of people, environment and animals; with a vision of freedom and radical democracy. It is autonomous from any economic power or political party and practices radical democracy within its structures.

Moviment Graffitti views the current economic and political system as breeding huge injustices on both the local and global levels – workers’ exploitation, inequality, wars, environmental degradation, discrimination against a number of social groups and animal cruelty. We strive for a system that is truly democratic in the political, social and economic spheres; one where wealth and power are, as much as possible, equally distributed.

Moviment Graffitti believes that a movement demanding democracy, equality and social justice can be effective if all groups facing inequality and injustice unite to fight against greed and exploitation.

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Economic Justice

Moviment Graffitti is vocal against the oppression and exploitation of workers. Workers’ interests are constantly attacked from powerful economic and political forces that place private profits above all else. We believe in a system based on democracy in the economic sphere, workers' rights, decent wages and work conditions.


Moviment Graffitti strives towards equality in our society; equality for women, for workers, for the LGBT+ community and for persons hailing from different social and cultural backgrounds. We believe that the fight for equality is essential to countering all forms of oppression and exploitation.

Environmental Protection

Moviment Graffitti constantly works to protect the environment, defend public spaces and safeguard our quality of life. We organise communities, raise awareness, attend planning sittings and carry out direct actions aimed at protecting Malta's environment from the greed of big business.


We have always had a policy of not receiving funding from private companies or political parties. Thus, Moviment Graffitti is entirely funded by members and supporters.