International Women’s Day  - 8th March 2019 |  Moviment Graffitti Malta.

International Women’s Day - 8th March 2019

Today 8th March is International Women’s Day. More than a day to celebrate, for us it represents a day to remember all the past and recent women’s struggle, to express our solidarity with the women all around the world fighting right now for more justice and equality, to be proud of all the improvements and the freedom women have conquered throughout history.

At the beginning of the twentieth century some socialist and communist women participating in a political conference decided to establish an annual International Woman’s Day to promote equal rights and suffrage for women. During the 60s and 70s feminist movements have marched and organized protests on the occasion of the 8th March to attract public attention on their demands and to push forward some changes.

We are thankful to all the women, the feminists, the girls and the allies that fought and many times lost their lives to achieve what we take for granted nowadays. We can decide to vote or to not vote, we can decide to study or to stop studying, we can own properties, we can drive, we can practise sports, we can travel, we can work, we can choose many different jobs, we can play in a music band, we can read all the books we feel like, we can go out at night alone…and many many other things that were not possible just a century ago, or less.

Recently very positive steps forward have been made in Malta to stop violence against women and domestic violence. Nonetheless, in 2018 only, 4 women have been killed in Malta by their partner or a close relative.

Crucial decisions are still taken by men in most social, political and economic sectors. Our relationships are still dominated by subtle patriarchal dynamics. Domestic and parental burdens are still dis-proportionally shared between women and men, in most cases.

We support all the women that today are striking, marching, fighting all around the world for more equality and respect, to stop violence and femicide, to decide on their own bodies, to have more freedom of choice, to stop harassment and rape.

We express our solidarity with the women in Rojava, trying to change their society and their lives. We think about all the migrant women in Europe, facing unjustifiable discrimination and racism reinforced by our EU governments. We are glad about the recent victory achieved by Irish women who managed to change their law for women to have bodily autonomy and choice. We think about the Palestinian women that keep resisting the increasing apartheid of Israel.

Together we are stronger. Keep up the fight against patriarchy!