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Feedback to Public Consultation on the Rural Policy Review

We have presented our feedback on the Rural Policy Design Guidance, that has led to several outrageous projects, to the PA.  Read the full feedback here:


Since its introduction in 2014, the Rural Policy Design Guidance has proven controversial. The original document was supposed to regulate the use of land in Outside Development Zones (ODZ) and assist the agricultural industry. Instead, it has enabled the destruction of the countryside through a variety of loopholes allowing dilapidated rural buildings to expand into large villas with swimming pools. 

The original policy was not effective in regulating ODZ areas. A number of the policies are intentionally ambiguous to provide legal loopholes, and at times these policies are blatantly ignored,  with  developments  being  permitted  on  protected  sites  or  around  archaeological remains.

It is vital that the any updates to the Rural Policy Design Guidance are done in line with the Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development (SPED) and any national environment objectives. The Rural Area is supposed to be an escape from urban life with less buildings and dereliction, and a number of the policies in the 2014 document act counter to these values.

With regards to the proposed objectives guiding the policy revision, the first objective is unnecessary - the current policy did not allow for the regulation of land use in ODZ, and therefore did not have the intended effect. The provisions which are outdated, confusing or require further clarification are highlighted below in our policy recommendations. It is highly important that these policies are amended to avoid future loopholes for development on ODZ land.

Continue reading the full feedback here.