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Exempt From Decency

"Architects will be able to use a new template to apply for exemptions from the recently-introduced building regulations."

"Architects can file a declaration that the planned works do not fall under the scope of the reform."

"A request for the relaxation of parts of the regulations can also be filed."

"Architects and the authorities also met earlier on Monday to hash out differences on the new building regulations."

Anyone reading this article (https://bit.ly/2JgZSZH) will wonder why the word "residents", or even "third party", do not appear anywhere. It's not the journalists' omission - it's the authorities. As usual, they've forgotten you.

While more construction accidents go on around us (on Monday, a 20-year old worker fell off a scaffolding in Fgura and a van was shattered by bricks falling from a crane in Gzira), the authorities are busy papering over the cracks of an ill-thought reform. And they do so by continuously engaging with the people who stand to gain most from the construction and "development" industry.

To this date, we wonder whether anybody from the institutions has met the victims, asked them for their opinion, or took time to talk to them to see what they're going through... let alone put pressure on the courts for a speedy resolution, use their wide-ranging networks to remedy the situation, or offer to rebuild the destroyed buildings.

Giving these people temporary housing does not solve the issue.

In the meantime, meetings with various lobbies go on, resulting in more and more exemptions for developers and constructors.

Why are the residents' associations and the NGOs never included in these discussions?

Whatever happened to Gvern Li Jisma'?

Are we burying the residents' voices in the same way the developers have buried their belongings in rubble?