[WATCH] Free the El Hiblu Three

Resisting illegal push-backs to Libya is not a crime! One year ago, a rubber boat with over 100 people on board left the coast of Libya to reach safety in Europe. Although they were found and rescued by the merchant vessel El Hiblu 1, its crew was ordered by European authorities to return...

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[WATCH] R/EVOLUZZJONI 25 - The Documentary

It's 1994. A group of University students band together to form Moviment Graffitti, a leftist movement "against the oppression and exploitation of people, the environment and animals, with a vision of freedom and radical democracy." Very soon, they will be taking on the development of a golf...

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2019 - It's more than just rock'n roll

We joked about it in the promo video for our R/Evoluzzjoni25 documentary: 2019 was Moviment Graffitti’s 25th year of rock’n’roll. Little did we know that we’d be plugging away at full volume until the very end of what was a tumultuous year not only for the country, but also for its citizens....

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El Hiblu Case: Terrorism charge for three young persons is excessive

Joint NGO and Stakeholders Statement The authorities’ decision to charge three young migrants with terrorism is excessive and inhumane. As a group of NGOs and stakeholders, we call on them to withdraw these charges and release these three young persons, whose only role aboard the El Hiblu...

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Establish a permanent relocation mechanism based on human dignity and solidarity

On the occasion of the meeting of the 23 September between representatives of Malta, Italy, Germany, France, Finland and the European Commission the undersigned organisations strongly urge the meeting participants to bring to an end a distribution of responsibilities that results in human...

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Civil Society Statement regarding the ongoing detention of asylum seekers at Safi Barracks and the Initial Reception Centre

We are deeply concerned about the ongoing detention of hundreds of asylum-seekers – men, women and children – on medical grounds at the Initial Reception Centre and Safi Barracks. We believe that, in many cases, the detention is completely unlawful. National law allows the health authorities...

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NGOs commend Maltese Government and call on European Member States to do more

The undersigned NGOs commend the decision taken by the Government of Malta to receive the 356 migrants and refugees saved at sea by the Ocean Viking. For two long weeks, the rescued men, women and children were abandoned on a rescue vessel, forced to endure the scorching heat, uncertainty and...

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Europe must take collective responsibility for rescued migrants

Joint NGO Press Statement As Malta swelters in the summer heat, over 350 men, women and children are out at sea, stranded aboard rescue vessels waiting to be allowed to land. Despite repeated requests to Italy and Malta for a safe port, to date neither Member State has allowed...

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Jiddeskrivu dak li ġara llum bħala “assurd u krudili”

Koalizzjoni ta’ 20 organizzazzjoni mhux governattiva ddeskriviet dak li ġara llum, fejn għexieren ta’ immigranti instabu jgħixu fi stalel u ġew żgumbrati, bħala “assurd u krudili fuq kull livell.” Il-koalizzjoni, li qed tikkampanja għal tibdil fil-liġijiet tal-kera residenzjali, qalet lil TVM...

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15/05/2019 Migration

Commemoration at the Addolorata Cemetery

Today we participated in the commemoration at the Addolorata Cemetery, where 24 out of 800 people lay buried. They died whilst fleeing Libya in search for peace and safety. “Their lives were cruelly condemned to the sea by our indifference. May they be remembered as our mothers, fathers,...

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27/04/2019 Migration

Laying of flowers in memory of Lassana

llum ipparteċipajna mbikkma fit-tqegħid ta’ fjuri b’tifkira ta’ Lassanna, magħruf ma’ sħabu bħala ‘Lass’. Lass inqatel b’tiri f’rasu fil-lejl tas-6 t’April, waqt sparatura minn karozza li darbet ukoll lil żewġ persuni oħra. L-unika ‘tort’ li kellhom dawn it-tlett persuni huwa li nzertaw f’dak...

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12/04/2019 Migration

Iż-żieda fil-mibegħda razzjali dejjem teskala

Callus spjega li l-ewwel ħaġa li jrid ikun hemm hija d-distinzjoni bejn kliem ta’ mibegħda, li huwa diskors ta’ mibgħeda u ħdura lejn xi grupp partikolari fis-soċjetà, u diskors li jesprimi tħassib. “L-ewwel wieħed, il-kliem ta’ mibegħda, huwa kundannabbli u jagħmel biss ħsara, mhux biss...

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We express solidarity and deep sorrow - Joint NGO Statement on the murder of Lassine Souleymane

We are deeply saddened by news of the death of Lassine Souleymane, brutally shot in Ħal Far over the weekend. We also wish all the very best to the two other victims of the shooting, and hope they recover without permanent or serious damage. Whatever the actual reasons for this terrible...

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10/01/2019 Migration

[WATCH] Intervista TVAM dwar is-salvataġġ ta’ persuni fil-baħar

Attivist fil-Moviment Graffitti ġie intervistat fuq TVAM dwar il-kwistjoni tal-persuni li damu kważi tlett ġimgħat bejn sema u ilma wara li ġew salvati mill-għarqa. ------------------------------- Aħna ninsabu fi qbil li r-responsabbiltà mhijiex waħda Maltija biss imma hija waħda...

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08/01/2019 Migration

People are more important

Joint NGO Press Conference 08/01/2019 We are appalled beyond words that, after 18 days of negotiations, 49 men, women and children remain stuck on a boat within sight of the Maltese shore. In spite of countless calls for solidarity, European Member States have not managed to find a...

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