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Moviment Graffitti is a left-wing Maltese organisation set up in 1994. It is active against the oppression and exploitation of people, the environment and animals; with a vision of freedom and radical democracy. We work on a number of issues affecting our lives and we strive to bring positive change by fighting for justice and equality. This is done in a number of ways: we carry out direct actions, organise protests and gatherings, build coalitions between different social forces and hold awareness-raising initiatives such as film-nights, talks and discussions.

Moviment Graffitti is autonomous from any economic power or political party, but it regularly collaborates with other organisations that share its beliefs on specific issues. There are no hierarchies in the organisation and everybody's voice is equal.

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Latest News


Disappointment that MDA and PN are opposing rules for basic decency in rent

Fifteen organisations working in the social field are disappointed that the Malta Developers Association (MDA) and the Nationalist Party (PN) are pushing to remove basic obligations on landlords... Read More →

[WATCH] Thousands join Iż-Żejjed Kollu Żejjed protest in Valletta

View more photos here  and here .  It’s been a great day, after four busy weeks of organisation. Every minute was worth it. Thanks to all those of you who came - over 3,000... Read More →

[WATCH] Malta needs masterplan that goes beyond economic growth

Malta needs a national masterplan on construction that goes beyond economic growth, and that respects the environment as well as people's quality of life, according to Graffitti activist André... Read More →

Our Events

Pre-Pride March Gathering!

14/09/2019 Moviment Graffitti

We will be opening up our premises before the start of the Pride March. The space is safe for those who want to change clothes, prepare slogans...

Film Night: The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

10/09/2019 67 Strait Street, Valletta

As part of Pride week celebrations 2019, we will remember Marsha P. Johnson, an African-American transgender woman and revolutionary LGBTQ rights...

Iż-Żejjed Kollu Żejjed - Protesta

07/09/2019 Law Courts

Il-Moviment Graffitti qed jiftaħ sejħa għall-parteċipazzjoni għal protesta nazzjonali fi spazju ħieles mill-politika partiġġjana nhar is-Sibt 7...

Forum Pubbliku - Il-Proposti Tiegħek

28/08/2019 Friends of the Earth Malta

Qabel il-protesta tas-7 ta’ Settembru (Iż-Żejjed Kollu Żejjed - Protesta), il-forum pubbliku “Il-Proposti Tiegħek” jixtieq jiġbor u jagħti spazju...


28/06/2019 Martin Luther King, Pembroke

The Courts of Law have sensationally declared that the PA permit for Silvio Debono’s monster is “null and void.” We know the fight doesn’t stop...

Down with the developers' dictatorship

18/06/2019 Sptar San Luqa

Following the serious building collapses that have happened around the island as a result of construction works, Moviment Graffitti is organising...

Latest Actions

[WATCH] Thousands join Iż-Żejjed Kollu Żejjed protest in Valletta

Environmental Protection

View more photos here  and here .  It’s been a great day, after four busy weeks of organisation. Every minute was worth it....

60 groups hold Press Conference ahead of 7th September protest

Environmental Protection

View the Press Conference here ( 1st part) and here ( 2nd part ).  The Press Conference was addressed by: Christine Cassar - Moviment...

52 groups register their participation for the 7th September protest

Press Statements

Public Forum in August seeks citizens’ participation in formulating demands. Fifty-two groups have already registered their participation...

Iż-Żejjed Kollu Żejjed - Protesta

Press Statements

Moviment Graffitti is making a call for participation in a national protest free from partisan politics – Enough is Enough: We’re off to Valletta...