Moviment Graffitti Malta.  | Understanding the Movement for Trans Rights
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Understanding the Movement for Trans Rights

Moviment Graffitti is organising a workshop entitled “Understanding the Movement for Trans Rights”. The workshop will be facilitated by Ruth Baldacchino, Co-Secretary General of ILGA World.

The discourse on trans rights has recently become more visible, however there are still gaps in understanding trans issues, and it is clear we all have much to learn from the trans community / movement.

This workshop will discuss the following questions: What does it mean to be trans? What identities fall under the ‘trans umbrella’? What does trans history look like? 

It will also shed light on the evolution of trans movements and focus on the history of trans identities and the organising that has grown out of the trans/queer movements and culture. 

It will address transphobic, cissexist and heterosexist language that is often used when discussing trans issues, and discuss the needs and challenges of trans people in Malta. The discussion hopes to provide knowledge and tools that support trans people and community in Malta